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Unit designations:
Boat                 Unit used for water rescue.  Rigid hull or inflatable, some might also have a pump.
Brush               Apparatus used to fight natural cover fires and other “off road” type fires.
Engine             Apparatus used to fight any type of fire.  Also equipped to do initial or minor extrication/rescue work.
Haz-Mat         Apparatus used to handle hazardous materials incident.
Ladder             Apparatus with mechanical ladder.  Also equipped to provide support on structure fires. With a pump and limited engine capabilities.
Rescue             Apparatus used for major extrication/rescue work.  May also capable to provide support at structure fires.  Some are specialized for Rope Rescue, Water Rescue or Structural collapse.
Squad                Vehicle use to respond to medical responses, support operations or transporting personnel.
Tanker               Apparatus used to transport water to an incident.  Carries normally over 1500 gallons of water with a pump and limited  engine capabilities.
Utility                Apparatus without any special designation.  Used for maintenance work and to pull trailers.

Apparatus numbering system:
The first number (and second when sta. 10 or more) indicates the number where the apparatus is stationed.  District staff cars, trucks and trailers which are not be specifically assigned to one station will only have a single number.
The second number indicates the type of apparatus:
1          Engine.
2          Engine/Tanker (unit can work as either or both).
3          Engine/Rescue (unit can work as either or both).
4          Ladder truck.
5          Tanker.
6          Haz-Mat truck.
7          Rescue truck.
8          Squad.
9          Brush truck.
0          Specialty apparatus.