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Training Division

The Training Division is responsible for coordinating and delivering all training within the fire district and arranging opportunities for our members to participate in training events outside of the fire district.

Training Division Chief Nick Siemens oversees the scheduling, delivery, and program management of classes that include recruit academies, first responder training, and other department specific certifications for new and experienced firefighters.

The Training Division offers several programs for individuals interested in becoming a firefighter with the District. In your first six months with the District the training division will help you successfully complete an in-house recruit academy which teaches basic firefighting skills and prepares you to respond to fire calls. You’ll also get to attend first responder training, vehicle rescue training, hazardous materials awareness training, along with other fun and exciting classes designed to make you a well-rounded volunteer firefighter who can serve their community.
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Many seasoned members of our fire district lend their expertise to provide ongoing monthly training events for our firefighters. These training classes are held each week and include apparatus checks, station training, and multi-company training. Annual training topics include natural cover firefighting, ladders, search & rescue, high and low angle rescue, water rescues, and many other topics.

Western Taney County Fire District’s Training Division also works with our mutual aid partners to provide training opportunities for firefighters wishing to achieve certification through the Missouri Division of Fire Safety. By collaborating with neighboring departments, we can share instructors, resources, and apparatus to prepare our firefighters to take the IFSAC and ProBoard exams.

The Training Division at Western Taney County Fire strives to incorporate the District’s core values of Teamwork, Integrity, and Commitment to our members into every class we deliver. Whether you are a new recruit or a seasoned firefighter, our goal is to provide you with regular opportunities for personal and professional growth. We recognize that training is one of the cornerstones of what makes our fire district great and is one of the keys to the success of our organization. If you’re within our response district, we encourage you to come volunteer – and train - with us!
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