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About Us

Western Taney County Fire District Mission:

This organization shall proudly protect lives and property by providing prompt, skillful, cost-effective fire protection, rescue, hazardous materials and life safety services to the citizens and visitors within the boundaries of the Western Taney County Fire Protection District.

When not involved in this primary mission this organization will, while maintaining services with-in our boundaries:

1. Provide aid to other departments and districts.
2. Assist other government agencies during times of need, emergency or disaster.

The core values for the Western Taney County Fire Protection District are:


             Integrity:         Doing what is right for the customer.
             Teamwork:      Everyone pulls in the same direction.
             Caring:               Caring for others as you would for your own family 
             Courage:          To step forward and do what needs to be done.
             Community:    Protecting your hometown the way it needs to be.
             Commitment:  To give it your very best all the time.